12 Oct, 2020
by Jake
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AGORA at Blue Mountain

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AGORA is a million-dollar night walkthrough experience at Blue Mountain, ON. It involved tremendous collaboration between many talented individuals. What we accomplished in a mere five weeks is extraordinary.

The reviews have been excellent. Indeed, the mayor of Collingwood, ON, said, “This is not just entertainment. This is art!”

Using our lighting platform, Aurora, we weaved a powerful story between the installations. Limbic Media is a creative engineering firm, full of imaginative engineer/artists. In our circle, we have exceptional talent to help guide and develop the creative process.

What was so special for me is that I could hire my good friend, Edi, who I have known for 20 years. Her husband and I go way back to Jr. High together. Edi’s career as an artist, acrobat, and director in Cirque du Soleil is tremendous: resume. She brought it!

Being able to employ top level artists during COVID has been extra special.


1 Jul, 2020
by Jake
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Canopies are (still) hot

I finally found a great photo of an award wining event that we contributed to last year in Whistler. We installed a beautiful canopy and pumped classical music through our Aurora tech to create an other worldly tunnel as guests entered the ballroom.

I continue to have numerous conversations with cities who want to revitalize their downtown spaces – especially alleyways and thoroughfares. They truly add so much value to an area.

I have also begun to work with an expert in CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). Increasing the amount of lighting – decreases crime. Increase the amount of activity in an area – decreases crime. Add public art – decreases crime.

Our Aurora tech checks all the boxes for a city looking to create beauty, novelty, activity, safety and experiences for its citizens.

18 May, 2020
by Jake
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The Red Hot Chili Peppers

I am in collaboration with the RHCP’s head lighting designer, Scott Holthaus. He was looking for new technology to help create spectacular scenes when the band is jamming. Limbic Media’s Aurora tech is the best in the world at sound to light and an excellent fit for Scott. It looks like we will get to open the show.

I am so excited to be working on this project. I saw the Chilis when I was 17 in 1992. I have been a huge fan for decades now. We are going to create an incredible piece of art using their kinetic lighting sculpture.

18 May, 2020
by Jake
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Business Development – ESCA

My close friend and incredible social entrepreneur, Peter Elkins, has invited me to help develop ESCA – a food start-up accelerator. I am helping search and land initial investment from either Private Equity or Venture Capital.

The Purpose of the endeavor is to repair/re-create the accelerator model that allows more artisans to succeed in the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) space. It is definitely personal for me as my wife has a number of excellent food products that could be scaled with the right business team backing her.

The initial slide deck is below:

8 May, 2020
by Jake
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Entertainment Industry

As an entertainer myself, the entertainment/amusement industry is close to my heart.

Above is a photo of us helping VRX’s rig at IAAPA. Our Aurora tech made their rig 10x cooler by responding to the music and the cars racing in real time. From a lighting perspective alone, the industry is ripe for disruption and innovation.

And the video is a demo we did for Dreamcraft and their VR Dragon ride. They were mighty impressed with our sound to light tech. Without it, it would have just been a grey, empty room with a bunch of execs standing around watching one guy bounce around in VR. Their investors were impressed.

The potential projects in this vertical are extraordinary. Like big water slide companies. We are able to develop our tech to not only do sound to light, but we can also do interactive, sound to water. Crazy! I want to do sound to water so damn badly.

26 Apr, 2020
by Jake
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I really, really, really want to land a large lanterns installation. I was close last year to a 5000 lantern installation in a subway station in China. Unfortunately, it fell through (our engineers could not be on site for the demo. We did our best to consult, but the installer did not do it justice. Shoot!).

Combined with our Aurora tech, it is just such a beautiful work of art. I would love to have a permanent installation in a high traffic public space for my portfolio.

22 Apr, 2020
by Jake
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Architecture and Design

I have always tried to see opportunity where there is challenge. During this pandemic, I have pivoted hard into architecture and design. I have always seen this as the trajectory for Limbic Media, but as I am responsible for the revenue generation of the company, I have had to pick the lower hanging fruit first, like working with cities, gardens, zoos, etc.

With the Coronavirus, nearly everything in the segments that I have been purusing have been postponed. These verticals kept me incredibly busy. I did not have time to pursue other avenues.

Now I do.

Our Aurora technology is an incredible tool for architecture. I have been able to go full force into this vertical. It has been a pleasure. I am having excellent conversations and it may have just knocked our company in the exact direction we needed to go.

The projects that are already coming in are absolutely beautiful. Like lighting this Vancouver restaurant’s gorgeous flower design with translucent fabric.

And the redevelopment of an auditorium. On the outside, there would be these large, translucent structures that will react with gorgeous lighting design in real time to the concerts playing inside.

When there aren’t concerts, the structures could be switched so the public can interact with them. Our Aurora tech is the most powerful machine in the world to analyze sound. It is also a platform that allows us to build new products on top of. The applications are nearly limitless.

11 Apr, 2020
by Jake
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A brief History of my business philosophy and direction

I have felt compelled to relay my entrepreneurial beliefs and foundations. All of my training and experience has led me into a peak state of business performance. It is an exciting time.

It began with Eastern ideas. I got a degree in East Asian Studies where I strongly pursued research in Buddhism and in particular Zen.

Zen is about the moment. Business is about the moment. It is the way. And like all ways, it has flow. To be in the flow is a beautiful thing.

I thought this was to be my path through this life, and of course, it still is, but I was introduced to another level of practice from a family member who died from cancer: Ho’oponopono.

It is a Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual comprised of 4 simple sentences that are easy to say. Exceptionally difficult to practice:

  1. I’m sorry – for any trouble I have caused and take full responsibility for anything in my life.
  2. Please forgive me – I did not mean to. I know better now. I will never do it again.
  3. I love you – and what we are working on together. It is a pleasure creating with you.
  4. Thank you – for this opportunity to learn and grow.

The goal of Ho’oponopono is to allow you to live an unbrudened life.

Sometimes when the pressure is on, I can get wrapped up in things and forget it. But this is what I strive for: to make my relationships harmonious. I want all of my relationships to be in harmony. This is the rock solid core of my business practice.

Because ultimately, it really is just about helping people. That is what it all boils down to.

As a performing artist, I have had the incredible experience of performing for all kinds of human beings in all kinds of places. I genuinely want to meet as many people on this planet as possible and positively influence them to the best of my ability. This is the next layer in my business practice.

And then for me, teaching and learning is of critical importance. I have taught messed up kids, genius kids, and everything in between. For the last 4 years of my teaching career, I was deeply involved in inquiry based learning and emergent curriculum: get to the heart of what a person wants to learn and help them excel at it. This cemented another layer of my business practice: actively and deeply listen to what a person needs and help them achieve their goals.

Next, of course are startups and freelancing. I simply love building something from nothing. It is in my DNA; it is who I am as a human being. In particular, closing deals and creating wicked sales funnels are a major passion. I am a deal junkie. I can’t get enough.

I have always striven to be the best I can be at a chosen pursuit. Sales is the way for me to reach pinnacle performance. I can train like a demon, research, and continuously hone my skills in closing, public speaking and negotiation. But most significantly, it allows me to have a giant impact on the world and leave a dent in the universe.

13 Mar, 2020
by Jake
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Canopies Are Hot

Canopies Are Hot. No doubt about it. Over skating rinks – beautiful. Alleyways and thoroughfares are hot too. I am working with numerous cities on creating gorgeous walk through areas as part of their revitalization efforts. These canopies truly add value to the place and the people.