In my professional life, I am highly passionate about 3 areas: Learning, Entrepreneurship, and Performing.

I am an entrepreneur. I have unlimited energy. I cannot be bound by conventional rules. I go insane. Instead, I need to be pushing my limits daily. I have found that entrepreneurship is my path. I have started companies. Worked in numerous teams. Wholeheartedly believe in Agile and Lean principles. I will never stop coming up with ideas and testing markets — it is just too much fun.

I am a performing artist. I have to do it. I just have to. I love it with my heart and soul. It makes me happy. I will always adapt myself to perform, because as an artist, why would I ever retire? I have practiced creativity in a professional setting for decades. I could pursue it as a full time occupation. Cirque du Soleil has invited me to clown auditions. Having been in the industry and having many professional performing friends, I have discovered that the lifestyle does not appeal to me. Being on the road is tough.

I am a revolutionary teacher (Chief Learner) who is committed to change and evolution. I have been at the frontier of that change for years, pushing for a new way to graduate that is based around competencies and inquiry rather than courses and outcomes in British Columbia, Canada. I am at the cutting edge of learning and I can help any institution become a learning machine. In my opinion, it is the greatest advantage for any organization today — those who can learn fastest will win. I know how.


  1. I hope you come to QBMS

  2. Knew you were awesome, but didn’t know you were a tv star! Very awesome 😀

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