21 Jun, 2013
by Jake
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This is what it is all about…

“I achieved a lot in this tech class like creating a website, designing my own logo, etc. This class has taught me that it I can’t succeed in making something the first time, try again and don’t give up – … Continue reading

22 May, 2013
by Jake

Tremendous Learning (Seabird 2012/2013)

I could not be any more delighted with the results that my classes have produced this year.  No, it is not in the form of higher test scores.  In fact, I have not given them a test once this year! … Continue reading

11 Apr, 2013
by Jake

The Teacher Entrepreneur, or the Entrepreneur Teacher

According to a recent Gallup poll in the U.S., a full 43% of students want to become entrepreneurs.  Wow.  That is quite the big number and it seems to be growing amidst economic woes and soaring youth unemployment.  Indeed, from … Continue reading