9 May, 2016
by Jake
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What I have learned starting up Island Circus Space…

Just over a year ago, Island Circus Space emerged.  Initially, it stemmed from an idea I had about gathering all of the high level, professional circus artists from Victoria, BC.  The team that has assembled has tremendous talent.  It is … Continue reading

11 Jan, 2015
by Jake
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Tech Apprentice Program

Victoria has some incredibly talented youth who are highly technically skilled with large ambition.  As a teacher at the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (PSII), I personally know some of them.  They are doing incredible work through mentorships with … Continue reading

24 Apr, 2014
by Jake

The Chief Learning Officer

The Chief Learning Officer.  I love the ring to it.  I am convinced that this position is going to be the number one leadership role in organizations in the very near future.  The world is changing so rapidly, it is … Continue reading

1 Apr, 2014
by Jake

Limbic Media, VIATeC and PSII steering education onto the forefront of innovation

Every single book, article, excerpt or quote I have read over the last few years on innovation in education includes entrepreneurship, technology and creativity.  There is nothing more exciting in education than being embroiled in the creative process making things … Continue reading