School as Incubator

Nothing fascinates me more than developing talent.  At the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (PSII), I help to co-create and facilitate people’s passions.  It is so rewarding.

I am able to connect dots for our learners and get them to focus their efforts as a team on accomplishing a shared passion.  I firmly believe that the way forward for any organization is for the entire team to become phenomenal learners.

Currently, I work in a bunch of different teams.  I am the force that keeps the vision together and moving forward.  Everyone on the team has complete autonomy to contribute the best way that they can.  It is amazing to see the mastery that develops when you allow people to learn what they really want to learn.

School then becomes just a large incubator of people developing their passions with expert guidance to assist in team decisions and skill building processes.  There are some incredible things being built.

For example…

A smart tech team has formed and we are working with the Director of Limbic Media, Manjinder Bening, to develop proprietary software.  We are working in Scrum methodology and they are all making important contributions to the project.  As scrum master, I have already seen noticeable team enhancement through everyone committing to improving 1000% together over the course of the year.

Last month, I launched Island Circus Space.  A team at PSII has formed to help.  The kids are learning business through actually doing business.  They have been building web sites, creating content, sending out press releases and newsletters and networking at events as well as researching cutting edge business practices in use today (Lean Startup, Seth Godin, etc).

I work in many more teams, but just these two examples alone have the capacity to develop our high school kids into entrepreneurially savvy, smart creatives who can produce Startups, jobs, and ideas to help sustain our economy.

Again, when you give people the autonomy and freedom to learn what they want to learn, you begin to see it applied in exceptionally creative ways that you could not have possibly prescribed.

I would like to highlight one individual who is an incredible example of what happens when school is an incubator.  This guy is very intelligent and articulate, as well as tech savvy and creative.  Over the last two years, he has learned how to use the entire Adobe suite, and combined with a very entrepreneurial attitude and skill set, has landed him work with many local companies in town.  Recently, he has been developing video for Silk Road Teas.

The lessons that he learns from his solo freelance gigs in turn gets filtered back into the teams that he is working with.  He is part of the two teams above and both teams are benefiting tremendously from his experience and knowledge base that he is continuously growing.  Indeed, he is the one who built the Island Circus Space website.

That is what he has been able to accomplish in school, because school for him has been an incubator of his passions.


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