Today I witnessed courage.  There is quite a shy, wilting little young woman who took one big step forward during our first improv class today.  She busted out of her shell and gave it her all.  It was awesome to watch.  Can I give you evidence that she learned?  Nope. Whenever you push past your boundaries, that is true learning, no two ways about it.  It takes bravery, and bravery is what we must teach in school.

There are many out there who are waiting to be told what to do.  At PSII, the training is trying to figure it out for yourself.  If ever there was a skill to learn, that is the one that will stead them through the gargantuan changes shaking absolutely every industry on Earth.  And it is not alone, of course, they have an incredible team of teacher experts as their guides, facilitators and confidants.

Some students are directionless, flapping in the wind.  They have never not not been told what to do their entire school career.  Doesn’t it just leave you breathless?

Enter the paradox of freedom.  They have an infinite number of things to choose from now and so some choose none, overwhelmed with never having had to take responsibility for their own learning.

So, they turtle into what they know, even when absolute freedom lies at their feet.  Thinking about education as courses one has to take rather than an inquiry one must pursue is deeply embedded into the psyche of western civilization.

But lo!  It must change.  It absolutely must.  For if it does not, if we continue to condition people to wait to be told what to do, humanity will be in peril.  It is that heavy.  Courage we must have.


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  2. Great article! I am sure we all remeber the whole ‘what am I gonna do with my life and how the hell is this s’posed to get me there’ feeling highschool left us. I am excited for my little girl who is also in kindergarden, but they are instilling a new technique that is highly collaboration and invistigation based. To the point where she asks every time… is it my investigation day? evidence (to me) that we all put more effort in when seeking out knowledge in something we are interested in.

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