The best endorsement I have ever received…

This is from a learner of mine that I have been closely working with.  He graduates in 6 weeks and has become my lifelong friend:

“Jake West has been my teacher and mentor for the final 3 years of my high school life. It is high time that I show some appreciation and explain what I have learned from him. I have seen how a power house mobilizes to get shit done. No matter how hopeless or how little motivation a student has, this man never gives up on someone or on something. Last but not least, he has dreams and goals that he actively works to achieve.

10:00am, 10:15, 10:30… Meeting after meeting, student after student, this is the day to day for Jake. How does he do it? Well that my friends, is one of life’s greatest mysteries; he doesn’t drink coffee. Unless he is using caffeine patches so that we do not see them, the only possible conclusion I can come to is that he is some kind of superhuman.

The teenage spirit; energetic, moving forward or lazy without interest in anything in the world. This is the age all people dread to deal with, they tend to be very sassy and think they know everything.

Lack of motivation can be much harder to deal with than an idiot because motivating someone who does not care is well, near impossible. But despite all of this, Jake makes them pass through endless pushing and encouragement.

Jake is a well traveled man and it shows. He has countless stories and life lessons, enough that he could write quite the interesting book. He is a one of a kind man that inspires those around him to achieve what they want to do in life and to not follow the beaten path and to instead bring out the machete and make your own.

Jake is a machine, well oiled and always gassed up with the goal of moving others towards success while moving himself forward to achieve his own goals. So is Jake superhuman? Well no, but he is one of the closest things you can find”.

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