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A brief History of my business philosophy and direction

I have felt compelled to relay my entrepreneurial beliefs and foundations. All of my training and experience has led me into a peak state of business performance. It is an exciting time.

It began with Eastern ideas. I got a degree in East Asian Studies where I strongly pursued research in Buddhism and in particular Zen.

Zen is about the moment. Business is about the moment. It is the way. And like all ways, it has flow. To be in the flow is a beautiful thing.

I thought this was to be my path through this life, and of course, it still is, but I was introduced to another level of practice from a family member who died from cancer: Ho’oponopono.

It is a Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual comprised of 4 simple sentences that are easy to say. Exceptionally difficult to practice:

  1. I’m sorry – for any trouble I have caused and take full responsibility for anything in my life.
  2. Please forgive me – I did not mean to. I know better now. I will never do it again.
  3. I love you – and what we are working on together. It is a pleasure creating with you.
  4. Thank you – for this opportunity to learn and grow.

The goal of Ho’oponopono is to allow you to live an unbrudened life.

Sometimes when the pressure is on, I can get wrapped up in things and forget it. But this is what I strive for: to make my relationships harmonious. I want all of my relationships to be in harmony. This is the rock solid core of my business practice.

Because ultimately, it really is just about helping people. That is what it all boils down to.

As a performing artist, I have had the incredible experience of performing for all kinds of human beings in all kinds of places. I genuinely want to meet as many people on this planet as possible and positively influence them to the best of my ability. This is the next layer in my business practice.

And then for me, teaching and learning is of critical importance. I have taught messed up kids, genius kids, and everything in between. For the last 4 years of my teaching career, I was deeply involved in inquiry based learning and emergent curriculum: get to the heart of what a person wants to learn and help them excel at it. This cemented another layer of my business practice: actively and deeply listen to what a person needs and help them achieve their goals.

Next, of course are startups and freelancing. I simply love building something from nothing. It is in my DNA; it is who I am as a human being. In particular, closing deals and creating wicked sales funnels are a major passion. I am a deal junkie. I can’t get enough.

I have always striven to be the best I can be at a chosen pursuit. Sales is the way for me to reach pinnacle performance. I can train like a demon, research, and continuously hone my skills in closing, public speaking and negotiation. But most significantly, it allows me to have a giant impact on the world and leave a dent in the universe.

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