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AGORA at Blue Mountain

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AGORA is a million-dollar night walkthrough experience at Blue Mountain, ON. It involved tremendous collaboration between many talented individuals. What we accomplished in a mere five weeks is extraordinary.

The reviews have been excellent. Indeed, the mayor of Collingwood, ON, said, “This is not just entertainment. This is art!”

Using our lighting platform, Aurora, we weaved a powerful story between the installations. Limbic Media is a creative engineering firm, full of imaginative engineer/artists. In our circle, we have exceptional talent to help guide and develop the creative process.

What was so special for me is that I could hire my good friend, Edi, who I have known for 20 years. Her husband and I go way back to Jr. High together. Edi’s career as an artist, acrobat, and director in Cirque du Soleil is tremendous: resume. She brought it!

Being able to employ top level artists during COVID has been extra special.


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