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Architecture and Design

I have always tried to see opportunity where there is challenge. During this pandemic, I have pivoted hard into architecture and design. I have always seen this as the trajectory for Limbic Media, but as I am responsible for the revenue generation of the company, I have had to pick the lower hanging fruit first, like working with cities, gardens, zoos, etc.

With the Coronavirus, nearly everything in the segments that I have been purusing have been postponed. These verticals kept me incredibly busy. I did not have time to pursue other avenues.

Now I do.

Our Aurora technology is an incredible tool for architecture. I have been able to go full force into this vertical. It has been a pleasure. I am having excellent conversations and it may have just knocked our company in the exact direction we needed to go.

The projects that are already coming in are absolutely beautiful. Like lighting this Vancouver restaurant’s gorgeous flower design with translucent fabric.

And the redevelopment of an auditorium. On the outside, there would be these large, translucent structures that will react with gorgeous lighting design in real time to the concerts playing inside.

When there aren’t concerts, the structures could be switched so the public can interact with them. Our Aurora tech is the most powerful machine in the world to analyze sound. It is also a platform that allows us to build new products on top of. The applications are nearly limitless.

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