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Entertainment Industry

As an entertainer myself, the entertainment/amusement industry is close to my heart.

Above is a photo of us helping VRX’s rig at IAAPA. Our Aurora tech made their rig 10x cooler by responding to the music and the cars racing in real time. From a lighting perspective alone, the industry is ripe for disruption and innovation.

And the video is a demo we did for Dreamcraft and their VR Dragon ride. They were mighty impressed with our sound to light tech. Without it, it would have just been a grey, empty room with a bunch of execs standing around watching one guy bounce around in VR. Their investors were impressed.

The potential projects in this vertical are extraordinary. Like big water slide companies. We are able to develop our tech to not only do sound to light, but we can also do interactive, sound to water. Crazy! I want to do sound to water so damn badly.

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