Experiential Marketing

Creative, meaningful experiences are hard to forget. Music is one of the things that connects us all. It has been an absolute pleasure developing these experiences for cities throughout North America and Europe (above video is in Chomutov, Czech Republic).

I have been helping to create participatory experiences that drive deeper human connections. In a public space, when people are having fun, they want to stay and play longer. This is good for the community and has a significant impact on business. Lighting always enhances the experience and transforms the space.

Our Aurora technology is the most powerful machine in the world at analyzing sound. It will give you a light show in real time to whatever you want to sing to it. This makes for totally personalized experiences. I am proud that I have been able to do this for humanity. I have made another dent in the universe.

From a business development/marketing standpoint, I have been able to help businesses by:

  • Driving Lifetime Value
  • Creating Engagement
  • Building Memories
  • And Turning Spaces into Places

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