Limbic Media, VIATeC and PSII steering education onto the forefront of innovation


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Every single book, article, excerpt or quote I have read over the last few years on innovation in education includes entrepreneurship, technology and creativity.  There is nothing more exciting in education than being embroiled in the creative process making things of value to better the world.  There is no reason for students to have to wait to enter the pro ranks.  This is especially true when it comes to tech.  The gatekeepers are down and students can lead and push limits right away.  It is an incredibly exciting time.

Limbic Media and VIATeC are providing tremendous opportunities for our students and helping me steer education onto the forefronts of innovation, technology and creativity.

The team at Limbic are awesome and have been providing professional mentorship through building projects that the company needs.  My computer team at PSII are stoked and grateful to be receiving cutting edge engineering technology training and directly applying it to real world situations.

Limbic Media’s objectives

VIATeC is, “the one-stop hub that connnects people, knowledge and resources to grow and promote the Greater Victoria technology sector.”

Adam Foeller, the facilities Manager, is such a nice guy and is providing our students with a ton of opportunities.  Currently, we are working on a project for them that when finished, will tour to hundreds of conferences and events.  Not bad for our budding computer engineering program.  Adam says that he has basically endless projects for us to do, so we are very excited to see what can be created as we evolve in skill and talent.

VIATeC’s s objectives  

A huge thank you to Limbic Media and VIATeC for helping the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry facilitate these experiences for our students.

From this work, I was selected as Tectorian of the week.  Read the article here.



  1. Such a bright and motivated group of young techies. We see a bright future for this model of education, it will serve the tech startup community tremendously to have young inspired, skilled minds innovating and pushing the boundaries of our ways of thinking about technology and its role in our lives and communities. Thank you Jake for your infinite level of stoke.

  2. Thanks for innovating in your role as an educator Jake. You are fostering the next generation of disruptors and we are excited to be working with this team of young innovators.

    This project was originally just repairing a device to its old working order but, once we got a sense of the team’s enthusiasm we saw the opportunity to level up and do something far more engaging and unique. I look forward to tech veterans checking it out and asking how we pulled it off so that I can tell them all about this program and Limbic Media.

    • Thank you so much Dan for believing in us and helping us out. As a disruptor myself, I am thoroughly stoked. This is what education should be about. Indeed, it should be at the very forefront of innovation. Thank you again for the collaboration, I think we are going to help create some amazingly talented people.

  3. Great post Jake! I am so grateful to be working with these guys. It has been incredibly useful to have their guidance and aid in getting our first big projects off the ground. Stoked for what’s to come!

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