VP Sales for Limbic Media

As a VP Sales for Limbic Media, I have been exploring numerous segments. I am taking our first product, Aurora, global.

I have been largely focused on the North American market, but I am looking forward to making inroads into Europe and Japan in 2018.

The crazy thing is, is that I don’t even know where our big hit is going to come from. Our technology crosses so many segments it is ridiculous. So, I am doing short experiments across multiple segments for a few weeks at a time to see what happens. Every segment I have hit on, I have gained something from — strong leads.

At the moment, I am moving away from US botanical gardens to US entertainment districts. I am also really excited to move into US science centers (there are lots!) as I have a unique solution to one of their sharp pains.

But I have hit lots of other segments. I am millimeters away from so many potential innovative public art projects. It takes time to forge relationships. I believe that I am gaining a lot of trust and this winter is going to be an exciting time for Limbic Media.

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