What I have accomplished at Limbic Media Part 2

Usually, I prefer to do annual summaries of skills learned, but I have accelerated so quickly at Limbic Media, that I have to do one at six months.

Of course, I have continued to increase the skills that I mentioned in Part 1.  Indeed, at a lightening pace.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Limbic Media is in a tight spot, as most start-ups are, and I am doing four people’s work.

I always love creating something from nothing.  Art and money are two of my particular favorites to make.  At Limbic Media, I get to do both.

But the pressure is most certainly on.  Here are more skills that I have learned, developed and/or honed in the last 6 months:

  • Increased Marketing capabilities.  We have been running on a business development skeleton crew.  I have been directly involved in pushing campaigns forward and securing qualified leads.
  • Engaged in Experiential Marketing campaigns creating unique, memorable installations that turn spaces into places for property management firms.
  • Clearly defined Limbic Media’s verticals crystallizing the company’s direction and revenue.
  • Negotiated Strategic partnerships with larger companies. Accelerated ability to demonstrate exceptional value immediately.
  •  A Top Rainmaker.  Further developed excellent closing skills.
  •  Ability to attract investment and promote the company’s interests.
  •  Elevated ability to stuff the top of the funnel – indefatigable at gathering leads and potential clients.
  •  Directly involved in streamlining the business for maximum effectiveness – Operations, Sales, Development, and Executive.
  •  Contributed to outlining and detailing a clear product sales process building an end to end campaign that is currently being executed.
  •  Directly involved in creating new products and designs with clients; From Fortune 500, to the Entertainment Industry, to North American cities.
  •  Expanded persuasive abilities through research and practice with clients. Further increased already excellent public speaking skills.
  • Accelerated negotiation skills through research and daily practice with clients (strategy and tactics).  Improved “blank-slating” of deals.  No expectations. No assumptions.  Just negotiate the best deal possible.
  • Re-evaluated and redefined what metrics are important to measure for the company.
  • Continued direct involvement in disrupting industries.  For example, the entire holiday lighting industry in the US.
  • Furthered ability to structure large deals.
  • Spearheaded international business with China; currently negotiating deals with large Property Management firms.

Not too shabby for six months of work.  I have so many irons in the fire at the moment; from giant partnerships with Goliath companies to small rural USA city’s holiday light shows.

Now in our second year with this product, it is so heartening for the team to see our recurring revenue kick in.  Our clients are delighted with the ability of our platform to be able to scale and change every year forever.

The trouble is, I can see the end of our runway.  Running an innovative hardware company is not easy.  I am doing my best to hammer out the big deals to set us free. Our growth curve looks so positive.

Exciting times.

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