What I have accomplished at Limbic Media Part 1

I simply love building businesses.  It is a true passion.  I don’t think that I will ever be able to stop.  I am a full blown deal junkie – I just can’t get enough.  Making something from nothing – it just feels too good when it all comes together.

Obviously, in order to build a business, one needs to gather clients.  This is one of my favorite things to do.  I can confidently go into any business to develop their strategy, open new markets,  and create more revenue.  To me, this is pure fun.

What any organization will always get from me is massive action.  There are few who can match my output.  Since I can remember, I have always been striving for unlimited growth.  I absolutely must reach the top of my game in everything that I do.  It is a constant struggle and challenge.  I will never stop.  Ever.

While it has been difficult opening up markets for Limbic Media and launch a brand new product, it has also been rewarding and satisfying.  I have been disrupting the entire holiday lighting industry in the US.  It has been quite an experience. I have had strong growth this year, and next year I can easily see at least a tripling of revenue.

Below are some of the things that I have already accomplished as an entrepreneur in residence for this company:

  • Created product strategies coupled with seamless execution
  • Directly assisted in streamlining manufacturing and shipping
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Established a company-wide client-centric focus
  • Filled holes in business development. Eg. De-risk strategies
  • Pushed for an international approach; found and hired a sales associate to crack open the European market (He did it and is continuing to do so).
  • Spearheaded Asian and Middle Eastern market strategies
  • Hit aggressive sales targets
  • Executed successful Contact Marketing campaigns with 40% return call rates at the C Suite level
  • Ability to negotiate million dollar contracts
  • Accelerated closing skills
  • Indefatigable cold calling efforts
  • Honed consultative selling approach
  • Select Client list: cities, zoos, botanical gardens, property managers, science centers, museums, hotels
  • Built upon and furthered exceptional research skills. Able to attack nearly any segment and understand it rapidly. Legendary prospector.
  • Generated powerful bottom of the funnel movement
  • Identified and targeted issues with top of the funnel action
  • Increased leadership capabilities
  • Read at CEO level: 50 -60 books per year (not new, I have been doing this for over a decade)
  • Expanded empathy skills through a daily practice of Ho’ponopono (Hawaiian forgiveness ritual)

Not too shabby for just over a year.  I knew this year was going to be tough.  We are so brand new and it takes time for people to understand new things.  I am selling a creative engineering firm.  Their first product is an AI lighting platform.  We are putting the power of complex lighting design into anyone’s hands.  As it is a platform, we can continue to build upon it for years to come; doing multisensory, interactive, high tech, public art installations.

I am sincerely looking forward to 2019.  I think the first quarter of the year could be a turning point for the company. I continue to learn and evolve.  My goals are to make deals happen and increase revenue at a staggering pace.  Delight clients and the public.  Make everyone happy.

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