3 May, 2018
by Jake
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“Eyes Up”

I am honored to be performing in this new, contemporary circus show.  It is always a pleasure to be creating and working with high level circus artists from around the world.

Show Description:

We rely on technology everyday as a vehicle for communication. But what do we do once it drops us off at our destination? “Eyes Up” is about our natural desire to connect; what happens when we look up to find a genuine human encounter right in front of us.  The show is made up of a cast of top level professional circus artists from around the world; their breathtaking physical abilities will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Through an incredible mix of acrobatics, juggling and comedy we explore and express the beauty and awkwardness of interacting face to face. Come witness our international cast transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary, hilarious and poetic experience of what it is to be human.

About Ignio:

We are a new locally based company focused on creating and producing contemporary circus shows. Through our productions we hope to build awareness and interest for contemporary circus here on Vancouver Island. We strive to produce shows that spark and inspire human connection and creativity.

Buy tickets!


3 May, 2018
by Jake
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TED loved it. So will you…

We just did a successful installation at TED.  Not a TEDx, but THE TED conference in Vancouver.  It was a smashing success and we gained A LOT of attention. I know without a doubt that we can provide your event with innovative lighting technology.  We are putting the power of complex lighting design into anyone’s hands.  Call us for more details…

3 May, 2018
by Jake
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Singing Tree and Globes Garden

These are two of the prominent ideas that I have been pitching across North America into the holiday market for 2018.  I have already been gaining significant traction with zoos, gardens, designers, and more.  Indeed, I have so many beautiful, upcoming public art pieces that are going to make cracking open these markets in 2019 a breeze.  Enjoy…

Singing Tree

Globes Garden


4 Mar, 2018
by Jake
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The Jam Tent

For this installation, we only used percussive elements.  Our algorithms are the most powerful in the world at analyzing not only beat, but harmony, melody, tone, etc in real time.

This is going to be our set up for trade shows for the foreseeable future.  For the next one, we are going to include numerous other musical instruments.

Our platform can catch the subtlety of a violin’s vibrato (a trombone’s glissando looks super cool in the lights).

We are crafting a new video this month to show just how incredible this technology is.

This is the world’s most advanced sound to light mapping platform.

17 Jan, 2018
by Jake
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Product Development for Limbic Media

At Limbic Media, my artistic soul has been allowed to sing.  Everyday, I get to invenet, create and ptich public art.  It has been an absolute pleasure.

Below are two examples that I am working on to develop across various segments.

Summon the Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights using Aurora from info@limbicmedia.ca on Vimeo.


The Constellations

Imagine representing the constellations in a wall of lights that your public could interact with.

Here is how it works…

Point lighting on a wall.

There are 88 constellations that we can see from Earth, there are 88 keys on the piano.

That is beautiful and poetic.

Each key represents a constellation.  Your public will be able to create music from the stars.

This is interdisciplinary learning at its finest – a cross between arts and sciences.

Each key lights up on the piano that simultaneously connects to the name of the constellation which will also light up on the wall (from a projector).

How good is that for learning the stars and where we came from?

16 Nov, 2017
by Jake
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JWP – Jake West Productions

I have begun to do a little re-brand.  While I have been hustling for gigs, I thought, I might as well be hustling for productions too.  I know many top level performers and I have already produced numerous shows (I love it!)

Here is a mini-clip:

Thank you for your consideration.  I sincerely look forward to collaborating with you on shows in the near future.

30 Sep, 2017
by Jake
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VP Sales for Limbic Media

As a VP Sales for Limbic Media, I have been exploring numerous segments. I am taking our first product, Aurora, global.

I have been largely focused on the North American market, but I am looking forward to making inroads into Europe and Japan in 2018.

The crazy thing is, is that I don’t even know where our big hit is going to come from. Our technology crosses so many segments it is ridiculous. So, I am doing short experiments across multiple segments for a few weeks at a time to see what happens. Every segment I have hit on, I have gained something from — strong leads.

At the moment, I am moving away from US botanical gardens to US entertainment districts. I am also really excited to move into US science centers (there are lots!) as I have a unique solution to one of their sharp pains.

But I have hit lots of other segments. I am millimeters away from so many potential innovative public art projects. It takes time to forge relationships. I believe that I am gaining a lot of trust and this winter is going to be an exciting (and lucrative!) time for Limbic Media.

I am documenting my process a few times a week here.

8 Jun, 2017
by Jake
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The Beginnings of a Book…

I wanted to write a book about my experience teaching at the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry.  

I can expertly facilitate inquiry based learning.  I just like entrepreneurial learning more and I have decided to re-focus my writing efforts on the ideas behind developing an Entrepreneur High School.

There is much to still be filled in.  For what it is worth, here is a rough draft.  

Maybe I will pick it up again in the future.  At the moment, I have many more pressing projects.  


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Vision

  3. Competencies

  4. Structure

  5. Challenges



For many years, as a teacher, I pushed for innovation in education, confident I was making positive changes. What I did not realize at the time, was that I was pursuing this change inside of an existing system.  This is much easier to do.

Then I helped establish the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (PSII, pronounced “sigh”) in Victoria, BC, Canada.  And was the first teacher hired.  Working with a small team, we grew PSII from its infancy, building the plane as we were flying it.

The vision of PSII was developed by Jeff Hopkins, an education veteran, and a former superintendent.  You can find the full philosophy of the school at learningstorm.org.  PSII is the culmination of over 20 years of Jeff’s education research and leadership.

Moving from vision to practical application has been an entirely different story. This book is about my experiences implementing this vision, the perspectives I have gained, and the leap in my education practice. Revealing the successes, failures and learnings of that process, I lay out what I believe are the important steps needed to facilitate a transition into an inquiry based system. This book is based upon four years of “in the teaching trenches”, a glimpse into the practical experience of attempting to change the BC graduation program.  It is not theoretical.  What I have learned comes from hard earned practice.

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8 Jun, 2017
by Jake
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The Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry – Finale

This will be my last year teaching at the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry.  It has been quite the ride.  I have learned so much.  I have consciously tried to improve 1% everyday. That compounds to 3800% per year.  So, I am now 15, 200% better from when I began four years ago.

I believe in doing the hard things in school. Not handing out worksheets. No. Creating things from scratch. Getting kids to work in a team and truly collaborate. These are much harder things, and in my opinion, more valuable.

As much as possible, I have tried to be a producer to the high school kids I work with. It is such a challenge. Most students have had no practice working in teams to create something from nothing and consequently, suck at it. Sometimes a team of kids comes together that has a good leader and positive interpersonal chemistry. It is a pleasure to be a producer in this environment. This year, I had such a team to create a short film.

It was still difficult. There were still frustrations, doubt, and obstacles. But they pushed through. The leader wrote an original screen play, gathered a crew, and simultaneously directed and acted in it. He kept the team of five working together. As producer, I was there to enforce work, times, schedules, and deadlines. This is the hard work: Going through five months of effort to make something from nothing where everyone had to come together to make it happen in every stage of the production process.

Learn by doing. Makers are gonna make. Highly functional teams are rare and will always beat teams who are not working together even though they may be better funded or have greater market and technological advantages. It requires practice. This practice typically does not happen inside of high school. But this is exactly the kind of experience that every organization needs on Earth.

Here is what a great team of kids can produce (We took bronze at the International Hollywood Film Festival):

I absolutely love making new work. I find the process exhilarating.

I also had the good fortune to have worked with expert improviser and actor, Dave Morris. We got a $10,000 grant to teach theater skills and construct a show. Building shows makes me happy. At times, it can be frustrating and exasperating, but in the end, so rich and rewarding.

The show, titled: “Pandora”, was all original (minus a couple of cover songs). The kids wrote it from scratch. It was hilarious, pithy, and touching. There are some scenes that made me bust out laughing ever single time I saw them.

I will state it again: I believe that collaboration is the most important thing to learn in high school. Building an end product that must be shipped is such a valuable learning experience for teenagers. There is a good amount of pressure to perform. Some step down, while others step up. Most step up. I find it very fulfilling to see a student go beyond their comfort zone and push themselves to internally grow — especially when this contributes to an end result that is greater than any of them could have done by themselves. To see kids come together, help each other, learn, and develop art that moves minds and stirs emotions, well, how can that not be enjoyable?

Here is a little documentary on the making of “Pandora” that one of my talented student’s made:

I have also been fortunate to have a student who is a dedicated national paddling champion; his club is only a 15 minute walk from the school.  Every Thursday morning, I got to take a group of kids paddling outrigger canoes on the Gorge in Victoria, BC. If you have never been to Victoria, I have to tell you, it is the most beautiful city on Earth. The air is delicious…we are living in a rain forest.

Intense learning experiences are my favorite; pushing into an area where all senses are heightened, learning by doing.

I was able to provide those opportunities. For example, paddling out into a Strait can be a little treacherous; there are a host of factors to deal with, like wind and waves. It is possible to flip and they have to know what to do — especially in a 6 person canoe that weighs 600 pounds — 900 pounds when it gets flipped over and filled with water.

So, we practiced a huli (flip the boat and get back in). It was an intense learning experience for the kids:

“We lean right, away from alma, and boom, in a flash, we are all in cold ocean water. In seconds, everyone’s adrenaline is racing. Michael, one of our coaches, immediately barks orders. Count off…1…2…3…4…5…6…One kid starts panicking. I honestly thought that we were going to have to swim him back to the docks. We finally calmed him down and after a few attempts, flipped the boat back over. One person in at a time, start bailing! 20 scoops = 1 more person in the boat. I am the last one in and my teeth are chattering.”

The body and brain go into survival mode. It is good to see.  Again, I want to push students comfort zones to work as a team in an intense situation because it feels so great when done; there is a strong sense of accomplishment.

As an entrepreneur, I love working with talented engineers.  Because my mind does not work in that way, I absolutely love what they can do.  Here is a sign that a student engineer and I built (it is the school logo designed by another student):

I believe that students should be making things.  Making a product is a valuable life experience.  This sign is actually the culmination of two years of work.  It started off as a massive light installation that we pitched to VIATEC.  It then got turned into something for the airport.  I had everyone lined up to help – an engineer who built his own LED product, Limbic Media, Ladies Learning Code, and VIATEC to construct it.  For me, it is so much fun to do as a teacher/entrepreneur. Alas, it didn’t come together, so it then turned into a project to build this crazy light pyramid made out of angle iron.  I can’t even remember how many LEDs a side there were.  It required too much power.  We did get it working – kind of.  There were just too many soldering connections and things went wrong.  It has now arrived as this sign.  I am thrilled at the product we salvaged from the process.

The lessons that I have learned and the experience that I have gained operating in this unique education environment has led me to write a book (see the next post for my opening pages).    I am aiming for it to be finished by April next year and I will expand on many of the lessons that I have learned these last four years.  Coming soon…

5 Mar, 2017
by Jake
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Clown.  The word has so many meanings and contexts.  It is arguably the oldest profession on Earth.

In recent years, in North America, when people ask me what I do, and I say “clown”, the majority of them say, “I’m scared of clowns.”  No wonder.  Think of Stephen King’s “It”.  Now I say, comedian, but really, I am a clown.

I love the essence of the clown.  To be able to get up on stage, with nothing, not even words most of the time, and just make ’em laugh.

Physical comedy is universal.  As is story telling.  There is just something so universally, humanly funny to watch your friend fall on their ass.  It is hard wired into our brains to laugh at it, especially when it is a punchline.

The great clowns just make you keel over in laughter, like Bill Irwin and David Shiner.

Some people are just naturally funny.  Yes, I do think that some people are born clowns.  They just have that disposition.  However, I also truly believe that it can be learned.

I have been doing it for 14 years now.  I am finding so much inspiration, especially as I mature and understand life, emotions, and people more deeply.  One of the talent scouts from Cirque du Soleil told me that their clowns don’t peak until they are 55.  Clowns are the funniest with a ton of life experience.  So, I got lots of time.

Making a gigantic audience erupt in laughter is the best adrenaline rush that I have ever had.  I don’t think that I will be able to stop doing it.  I have already thought of ideas to extend my career virtually as long as I can stand and speak.

I feel that it is a constant road that I will never master.  There is always learning to be done.  That is why I love it so much.  I am incredibly excited to continue to develop, grow, teach, and create new work.