3 Mar, 2020
by Jake
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Sandbox – The Bay

We are lucky to have Cushman and Wakefield’s The Bay Center in downtown Victoria as a sandbox to test new ideas – like sensor integrations. We recently installed a beautiful curtain that has an Infrared trip. When someone walks past on the 2nd level bridge, the lights explode into a mini show. The kids are freaking out over it.

1 Mar, 2020
by Jake
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The Cube

This is a content platform. We are building incredible games, modes of activation, and shows with the cube. For example, we have developed a skeletal tracking system that allows people to paint in the lights using their body and motion. This is only one idea. We have dozens more.

(We will be creating a swish video in the near future. Please forgive the video quality below. Will is a Scientist and definitely not an entertainer)

1 Mar, 2020
by Jake
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Ipswich Art Gallery/Tapescape

I recently collaborated with the Ipswich Art Gallery in Australia and artist/scientist Eric Lennartson to create this totally cool tunnel for Tapescape. Our Aurora tech turns tunnels into different dimensions.

I wish we would have been able to get video, but it is just not possible to get video of every installation (unfortunately). Photos below…

8 Feb, 2020
by Jake
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Thank you Charlotte, NC for commissioning us to create this unique, interactive, light sculpture. I am so happy with how it turned out. It is so beautiful – photo/video does not do it justice. A solid effort from all of the team at Limbic. Bendable aluminum and our Aurora lighting design work so sweetly together.

We are already being commissioned for 2 more…

8 Feb, 2020
by Jake
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Architectural Design

I see the future of Limbic Media moving into architectural. There are so many amazing things we could do with buildings and city blocks.

Below is some initial work that we are doing with Anheuser Busch St. Louis Brewery. They are only using 2% of the power of Aurora. They have barely just begun. We are going to do 5 more buildings and synchoninize and map them this year.

I am hoping we can get some good video in the near future. We are working on it.

I have also just landed Limbic Media’s first industrial contract with Ralmax. They are building a silo for concrete aggregate in the middle of the Inner Harbor and they want to make it beautiful (see render below). This will happen at the end of the year.

Many more projects coming…

23 Jan, 2020
by Jake
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Flower Percussion

This is one of my favorite installations. I am a percussionist and it is just so satisfying to combine it with Aurora technology. A personalized, multisensory experiential piece of art. I wish we would have been able to get better video of it.

14 Jan, 2020
by Jake
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It is my duty to serve my clients to my utmost ability. For the most part, it is quite easy to do as we work with some truly excellent people. Below are a few…

14 Jan, 2020
by Jake
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The Future of Retail is Experiential

The future of retail is Experiential. From all the intel that I have gathered in the industry over the last two years, I am 100% convinced that this is so.

There needs to be a heavy emphasis on the entertainment aspect. The world has changed. Our public spaces must too. It needs to be driven by lifestyle and entertainment using retail as showrooms rather than for distribution. The store now needs to be the place where magic happens.

The video below is our work with Canadian Tire. Justin Young, the owner, totally gets it. He is always the first to push into new territory. We sincerely look forward to working with him for years to come.