1 Jul, 2018
by Jake
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“Eyes Up” Photos – Show and Creation

It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved with Ignio Circus and their first production, “Eyes Up”.  It was one of the easiest creative processes I have been a part of.  The cast was flown in from around the globe.  All of them are world class, professional circus artists.

Below are a few select images of the show and creation.  Thank you to Neil Hodge for working so hard on capturing the energy, emotion, and dynamism of the crew.  Video coming soon…

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3 May, 2018
by Jake
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“Eyes Up”

I am honored to be performing in this new, contemporary circus show.  It is always a pleasure to be creating and working with high level circus artists from around the world.

Show Description:

We rely on technology everyday as a vehicle for communication. But what do we do once it drops us off at our destination? “Eyes Up” is about our natural desire to connect; what happens when we look up to find a genuine human encounter right in front of us.  The show is made up of a cast of top level professional circus artists from around the world; their breathtaking physical abilities will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Through an incredible mix of acrobatics, juggling and comedy we explore and express the beauty and awkwardness of interacting face to face. Come witness our international cast transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary, hilarious and poetic experience of what it is to be human.

About Ignio:

We are a new locally based company focused on creating and producing contemporary circus shows. Through our productions we hope to build awareness and interest for contemporary circus here on Vancouver Island. We strive to produce shows that spark and inspire human connection and creativity.

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3 May, 2018
by Jake
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TED loved it. So will you…

We just did a successful installation at TED.  Not a TEDx, but THE TED conference in Vancouver.  It was a smashing success and we gained A LOT of attention. I know without a doubt that we can provide your event with innovative lighting technology.  We are putting the power of complex lighting design into anyone’s hands.  Call us for more details…

3 May, 2018
by Jake
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Singing Tree and Globes Garden

These are two of the prominent ideas that I have been pitching across North America into the holiday market for 2018.  I have already been gaining significant traction with zoos, gardens, designers, and more.  Indeed, I have so many beautiful, upcoming public art pieces that are going to make cracking open these markets in 2019 a breeze.  Enjoy…

Singing Tree

Globes Garden


4 Mar, 2018
by Jake
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The Jam Tent

For this installation, we only used percussive elements.  Our algorithms are the most powerful in the world at analyzing not only beat, but harmony, melody, tone, etc in real time.

This is going to be our set up for trade shows for the foreseeable future.  For the next one, we are going to include numerous other musical instruments.

Our platform can catch the subtlety of a violin’s vibrato (a trombone’s glissando looks super cool in the lights).

We are crafting a new video this month to show just how incredible this technology is.

This is the world’s most advanced sound to light mapping platform.

17 Jan, 2018
by Jake
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Product Development for Limbic Media

At Limbic Media, my artistic soul has been allowed to sing.  Everyday, I get to invenet, create and ptich public art.  It has been an absolute pleasure.

Below are two examples that I am working on to develop across various segments.

Summon the Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights using Aurora from info@limbicmedia.ca on Vimeo.


The Constellations

Imagine representing the constellations in a wall of lights that your public could interact with.

Here is how it works…

Point lighting on a wall.

There are 88 constellations that we can see from Earth, there are 88 keys on the piano.

That is beautiful and poetic.

Each key represents a constellation.  Your public will be able to create music from the stars.

This is interdisciplinary learning at its finest – a cross between arts and sciences.

Each key lights up on the piano that simultaneously connects to the name of the constellation which will also light up on the wall (from a projector).

How good is that for learning the stars and where we came from?

16 Nov, 2017
by Jake
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JWP – Jake West Productions

I have begun to do a little re-brand.  While I have been hustling for gigs, I thought, I might as well be hustling for productions too.  I know many top level performers and I have already produced numerous shows (I love it!)

Here is a mini-clip:

Thank you for your consideration.  I sincerely look forward to collaborating with you on shows in the near future.