A Risky Move

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2013-12-14 18.02.59

This is where I performed last Saturday. Love working ballrooms. I have done a few good Christmas parties this year. This particular one however was quite the exception…

…A room full of truckers and mechanics. It was a pretty tough show. Haven’t been heckled that much in quite some time. There was this one huge guy, looked like Stone Cold Steve Austin, loud as hell, who yelled at me almost the entire show. At the finale, as I was balancing on the ladder, Stone Cold Steve (his name was Richie) leaped onto the dance floor and proceeded to pick me up – ladder and all. Whoa sketch pilot. The ladder was folding in as I jumped off.

Something had to be done. I just couldn’t end it like that. So, I engaged him. Risky move. Large dude, drunk, rowdy, loud and boisterous. I announced I would stand on his shoulders. He immediately agreed. Up I went. The crowd went wild! Richie was solid – built like a brick house. I was feeling pretty comfortable until he roared to the room, “Who wants to see me swing this f*^%$@# around like a rag doll?” That is when I went, “Uh oh.”

I knew he wouldn’t do it though. It sounds strange, but I just knew that doing this feat, being in front of his entire company showing off was exactly what he wanted. No intention of harm. I jumped down after he walked around with me for a bit and then shook his hand and looked him in the eyes – his eyes said thank you back.

By far, one of the riskiest things I have ever done performing. The event planner gave me a tip on top of my fee. Well earned.

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  1. Thanks man. Next time a show like that comes up, I think that I will double my fee…

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