Intersection of Passion

Above is a short video and testimonial from my good friend and exceptional circus artist, Kaelyn Schmitt. Below is a sales letter for the VP Creative of Cirque du Soleil.

It would be a dream come true to be able to work with Cirque in an artistic capacity. As an entrepreneur and circus artist, I am in a unique position to offer a truly imaginative and heartfelt offer to one of my favorite organizations in the world. It is a pleasure…

Dear Cirque du Soleil,

The reason that I am writing to you is because of a deep passion and love for circus.  I genuinely want to contribute to further the art form.

Ever since my old friend, Mitch Head, introduced me to the world of Cirque du Soleil when he was performing in Saltimbanco many years ago, I have been enraptured by circus.  Indeed, it has been my daily practice for over 16 years now (and counting – I will never stop).

I am also an entrepreneur.  I enjoy building businesses from scratch.  At the moment, I am the VP Sales for Limbic Media, a creative engineering firm.  We are the best in the world at sound to light mapping which allows us to create interactive, high tech, public art experiences.

My passions are intersecting.  I have recently been working with my good friend, Kaelyn Schmitt, Director of Ignio Circus.  I was in her production last year called “Eyes Up” and I was able to bring Limbic Media’s technology to her latest project, “Bend or Break”.  

I have many ideas for you.  Please give me a chance to prove to you that we can be one of your innovative collaborators in the field.  It does not have to be on stage. Indeed, I recommend that we start in the concession. We can provide an interactive, multisensory exhibit that will engage your patrons during intermission.

For example, we can create a Singing Tree like structure in the Grand Chapiteau entrance that guests can sing to.  Or one of the musicians can come out to play the tree structure during the break.  Or both. Of course, we would follow your lead on sculpture design. You are the masters.  It would be a pleasure to collaborate with you on such a piece.

It elevates the Cirque du Soleil brand even further through creating even more memories.  As you know, participatory experiences drive longer and deeper relationships. Real emotion creates an authentic connection. By providing personalized experiences via our technology, you are driving lifetime value of your fans.

Please give us a shot.  I am confident that you will appreciate what we can do for you.  Perhaps the greatest benefit is that our technology, Aurora, is a platform to build off of.  We can continuously evolve the interactive paradigm. We can keep it fresh year after year. It is not a one trick pony.  Again, I have many innovative ideas that I think you will appreciate. For
example, how about using Hex suit data to display the acrobat’s bios in real time via an artistic representation in the lights on stage?  

As a VP Sales, I have clear strategies for growing a business.  I usually never hope when it comes to deal making. “Hope” is not a strategy.  This is the only time where I have truly hoped that this can materialize. Personally, this would be exceptionally rewarding.  Could we please schedule a brief, 20 min exploratory meeting in the next 1-3 weeks?

Thank you for your consideration.  If there is anything you need, please let me know – I am at your service.  

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