Island Circus Space: “The Things We Do”


“The Things We Do”

We performed 5 sold out shows in the very small and funky Intrepid Theater.

“5 people with different backgrounds and experiences have come together because of the things we do. We are not lion tamers, or sporting sequin covered unitards, we are simple people that do contemporary circus.

What is Contemporary Circus? “Contemporary circus, or nouveau cirque (as it was originally known in French-speaking countries), is a genre of performing art developed in the later 20th century in which a story or a theme is conveyed through traditional circus skills.” An example of traditional circus would be Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, while Cirque du Soleil would be considered contemporary.

But Cirque du Soleil is not the only contemporary circus, there are many and now there is us. We may be new and we may be small, but we are driven, authentic, and human.

This show is about finding common ground between people.”




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