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I have had the great pleasure of learning from and hanging out with Elon and Emmanuelle of Tentacle Tribe.  Amazing dancers.  Cutting through a bunch of different intersections –   no one out there is doing dance like these two.  Incredible innovation.

Seriously, if they are in your town, you have got to go check them out (and learn!).  Prepare yourself to move in ways that you have most likely never considered.

What I learned from them this week:

How to go as big as possible while still maintaining your center and being rooted into the ground.  Indeed, even from the most stretched out, compromising positions, I am beginning to understand how to root my feet – that means any part of the feet – sides, heels, toes.  Perhaps the most invaluable lesson learned.

They’re waving, isolations and maniplulations are so good.  They reminded me how much I need to work on those elements.  It requires very laborious and tedious breakdowns in front of the mirror, but gosh darn it, it looks so damn cool.  I am on it!

Holy cow floor work!  A super interesting blend of Hip Hop and Contemporary styles – very unique.  There are so many amazing things to be done with the floor.  It adds such funky dimensions.  Not to mention that it is also intensely physical – the strength training is awesome.  Combined with the dynamic flow of movement – why would you ever go to a gym and statically lift barbells over and over?

And one intense piece of choreography.  Next to these two, I feel like a clumsy oaf.  However, with their patient encouragements, I feel that I have slowly (very slowly) improved on dancing their super cool choreography throughout the week.  I have grown to love the side worm very much.  Totally using that in a juggling routine somewhere.

Enough blabber, check these guys out:



Emmanuelle Le Phan aka B-girl Cleopatra repping 2011 from Emmanuelle Le Phan on Vimeo.


  1. It was truely a pleasure to have you share and learn with us and to have hung out with you as well. You have a crazy energy and thats what it takes to make it! Super happy to know that were inspiring people all the way out in Victoria and to be honest this week with you guys was inspiring for US! I know you’ll keep working hard and i cant wait to see your new juggling act with side worms and fixed points and stuff. Peace

    • Emma, you rock! Anytime you are back in Victoria to teach, I am there!

      Thank you again for your awesomeness. I have already found a ton of movement to add to my routines. And I have just made a list of moves to practice over and over. So much stuff! Thank you again!

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